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February 25, 2016
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February 26, 2016
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Watch Out For These Holiday Scammers

You’re finally on your vacation thinking now is the time to let your hair down, relax and be worry-free. You’re on a break from your regular stresses and this is the time to enjoy. The thing is, even if you’re on a break, you still have to be on your toes and be wary of your surroundings. This is particularly true when you’re in an unfamiliar place. There are dubious people around who are guilty of holiday scams one way or another.
1. While driving along a motorway, another driver alongside you might point to one of your tires and ask you to pull over. You stop on the shoulder and this driver pulls over to help. A good Samaritan, you may think until you inspect your tire while he takes all the valuables from your seat. If you feel you have a flat tire, the safe thing to do is to just continue driving until the next gasoline station.
2. While passing on the airport security, you put your laptop on the conveyor belt. The person before you triggers the alarm and painstakingly takes out his coins, mobile phone and what have you from his pocket. By the time you go through, another person in cahoots have already taken your laptop. This holiday scam is prevalent in countries where going in and out of the departure area is allowed. To avoid this, do not put your belongings on the conveyor belt unless the metal detector is clear.
3.There are unscrupulous money changers who will dupe you when changing your money to the local currency. They may pause and miss out counting the money hoping that the tourist will not notice. Some may even give you the wrong currency. To avoid this, find out the currency and exchange rate before leaving. Insist on counting back your money while still in front of the cashier/money changer.
4. When walking on crowded streets, malls and markets, avoid bumping into a passer-by. Chances are you would stop for a bit and apologize. Later on you will notice that your valuables are already gone. Make sure to use a sling bag to keep your keys, wallet and phone in. Be sure it’s zipped at all times. Do not put your wallet in your back pocket. Do not bring all your money; just take what you need and leave the rest on the hotel safe.
5. In a crowded place again, someone might bump into you and drop some fragile item, eyeglasses or maybe a phone, and claim that you caused it and have to pay for damages. There are even countries where this particular scam involves people bumping into your car, feigning injury and asking for compensation. In case this happens to you, ask to resolve the situation in a police station or in your hotel security.
Have you experienced any type of holiday scam? Share your experience to warn other vacationers out there.
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