September 2, 2016

Always Select Genuine Classic Time Memberships, Be Aware From Classic Holidays Scams

Vacations are on; hence, pack your bag for spending your summers at some exotic beach. But before anything, firstly, read reviews about the place where you want to go. In addition, if you are getting your destination planned with travel planners, you need to makes sure that they are not scam. Classic holidays scams have become popular […]
August 10, 2016

The Pros of Investing in Timeshare

You know those holiday destinations that you could imagine returning to for the rest of your life? Those places that you could visit year after year and never get sick of? Not everyone can afford a holiday home in their dream holiday destination but with timeshare, you can. A membership with Classic Holidays ensures flexibility, transparency […]
August 10, 2016

10 Facts about Timeshare Exchange

Owning a timeshare doesn’t have to mean holidaying in the same resort year after year. Timeshare exchange has been developed as a way to pool weeks owned by timeshare members all over the world, to create a global exchange with fellow owners. Exchange companies make it possible to deposit the week you own and use it […]
August 10, 2016

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Timeshare

Timeshare not only offers its members the opportunity to make life long memories, but to invest in a model that is underpinned by quality, choice and flexibility. The proof is in the five million timeshare owners worldwide who continue to grow and use this multi-billion dollar industry. However, it doesn’t come without questions. Here are some […]