June 11, 2016

Classic Escapes Feedback

Who doesn’t want to go on a classic escape to some far off country with stunning beaches, beautiful scenery and amazing resorts offing the very best in entertainment, comfort, culture and dining? What does the term classic escapes mean to you? Classic escapes to you could mean amazing adventures, secluded beaches, ancient cultures, breathtaking views, lost […]
June 11, 2016

Classic Escapes Membership Experiences

Jetting off on a classic escape conjures up some incredible images of far off beaches, stunning views and incredible resorts offing the very best in entertainment, comfort, culture and dining. For some, especially families, the cost and planning of these classic escapes can feel too daunting and can often become a nightmare before you have even […]
May 24, 2016

Classic Holidays Timeshare

Remember the classic holidays you went on as a kid? Remember the feeling of sand between your toes? Days merging into each other and lazy afternoons? That classic holiday feel that you may remember from your childhood doesn’t have to be a distant memory! As adults, we can get really caught up in all those responsibilities, […]
May 24, 2016

Classic Escapes & Holidays Club Complaints

We’ve all heard the classic holiday complaints people make about the time away being so disappointing. Friends or family can often return from a highly anticipated trip with less than enthusiastic reviews of their time away. What should have been a well-deserved break, some much needed rest and relaxation or the adventure trip of a lifetime […]