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July 18, 2016
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July 20, 2016
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I came across one of these “scratch and win” events at my local mall. I’m normally up for a good game of chance so i thought “what the hell, let me give it a go.” The way I figure if you spend quite a bit on lotto tickets and you don’t win, no one really complains because it’s a gamble, same with the scratch and win. I won a week’s holiday with the “Holiday Classic Club’s Scratch and Win” and signed up for the presentation. Out of curiosity I googled the company and read up a few articles. It seemed real enough to me as I’d had a timeshare back in the 90’s and honestly, they’re like real estate agents – they pester you somewhat but ultimately it’s your choice to join up or not. Having a timeshare is like owning a piece of holiday forever, you decide when you want to go but the main point is that it’s yours and it’s always going to be yours until further notice. I don’t get what the big deal was either about paying $20 for the seminar. Most of us that play lotto have spent way more than that knowing we have less than 1 in a million chance of winning anything.

Realistically, and I thought about this long and hard after reading a few negative reviews, what are you looking at ? You’re getting a discount on a holiday which is essentially a win-win situation for all involved. There are no such things as freebies in this life – even when you win the lotto. Remember that at least half of it is claimed by taxes – do we complain about that ? No.

Sure there were some minor extra costs involved in our holiday but we expect that… the usual 6 day, 7 night holiday bargain packages include nothing but breakfast, we pay for everything else but it’s still considered a holiday. It all depends on your view of things, a booking fee is nothing especially when you plan on going on holiday – expect that, it’s like airport tax. A holiday doesn’t mean you spend zero, a holiday means we’re getting away from work/home stress etc.

If you’re an adult living in this century, wise up. After seriously viewing my options, I decided that I was getting a bargain after all with Classic Holiday Club’s Scratch and Win. To each their own!

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