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July 22, 2016
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July 22, 2016
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Have you been approached by anyone from the Classic Group? If you frequent the malls or any other public places, someone may have approached you with a scratch card that can win you a holiday. It may sound too good to be true because the scratch card requires no prior purchase. They will just give it to you and you will have a chance to win. Then, you will be asked to sit through a sales presentation where your senses will be assaulted with information overload. That’s how salesmen earn their keep, right?

You may have heard complaints from people that this scratch card thing is nothing but a scam. In fact, if you will go online and look up classic holiday complaints, you will see write-ups that aren’t so favorable to the company. The common classic holiday complaints are that first, all you can win is a one-week holiday at an inconvenient time and unfavorable location. The second most common classic holiday complaint is that when you sign up, you’ll end up with a company that does their business poorly. They don’t handle customer service well and that the complaints you make fall to deaf ears.

Before buying the classic holiday complaints you read online, it’s prudent that you see the situation from both sides. The company actually responds to feedback made about them, both positive and negative. They have been in the business for so long and have plenty of happy members.

The thing is, if you are buying anything, be it goods or services, equip yourself with the knowledge of what you’re getting in to. When it comes to classic holidays, find out what it’s really about. Ask questions during the presentation. Find out if what they offer really works for you. You will be parting with your hard-earned money so make sure you get its worth. Do not buy something that you cannot use and will not enjoy. Sales people are really pushy because that’ why they’re paid to do. Know how to handle them so you won’t be forced to do something that you’re not really set on doing.

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