Curious About Reading Classic Holiday Club Complaints? Read Actual Facts
July 22, 2016
Find out Is there any Classic Holiday Complaints or Not ?
July 22, 2016
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If you regularly go to the malls or any outdoor places, chances are you have been given a Classic Holiday Club scratch and win card. Promo representatives of the company hands out the scratch and win cards to determine if you are eligible for their promotion. To be eligible, you must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen with a minimum annual income pre-determined by Classic Holiday. You must be a homeowner, married or in a de facto relationship, living together for at least two years.

In order to play the card, have to attend a presentation where you have to pay a refundable fee of $50 to secure your attendance. There will be prizes in the prize pool that will be distributed to winners who are in attendance. A second chance draw for any unclaimed prizes will then be held on a later date.

Every now and then, the Classic Holiday Club scratch and win promo offers Gold Coast and/or other Australian destinations for a minimum of three to a maximum of seven nights for two to six persons. The offer is valid for 18 months and a booking fee of AUD $199 applies. This booking fee is payable only when booking happens.

There are gift cards for Bali/Thailand as well that are valid for 18 months. Reservations must be requested within 90 days of the voucher issue date. If the booking request is made after 90 days, an upgrade option will be required.

Offers are transferable to family and friends provided they meet the set criteria. Reservations are subject to availability. There is a booking fee of AUD $199 and this becomes non-refundable once the booking is confirmed.

The Classic Holiday Scratch and Win promotion is straightforward. They want to present and sell their product. It’s hard to entice people to listen to what you have to say if they won’t get anything out of it. Presenting them with a chance to win a prize is a legitimate way to invite them to attend. Some get lucky and win a prize and others do not. Some gets turned off during the presentation and find it a waste of time and others don’t mind sitting through them. This is how companies make themselves known. Is it up to you, the probable customer, if you’ll be interested or not.

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