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July 18, 2016
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July 18, 2016
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There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and finding yourself dumbstruck thanks to a scammer. While this actually is a known problem is it as prevalent as many make it out to be? Classic Holidays is a well known brand that offers people vacation packages and leisure time reasonable prices – but as it stands there’s always someone on the hunt to tarnish someone else’s reputation. classicholidaysscams.com.au is a website that prides itself in calling out scams that are prevalent in holiday culture – without really doing their research. Classic Holidays is also based in Australia and has provided many families with the experience of a lifetime.

Classic Holidays has already booked 56,250 vacations this year – with a multitude of reviews and feedback from the people who paid the money to go on these trips. Why would the opinions of a third party website matter more than the testimonials of those who have actually experience it. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and Classic Holidays is building an amazing reputation for itself – regardless of the haters.

Now we all understand that holiday scams happen but are they applicable to the Classic Holidays brand? One of the telltale signs provided on classicholidaysscams.com.au of a scamming holiday company was mentioned as: “If the company has a track record of defrauding people, don’t even think of dealing with them. You can find out about a company’s reputation by doing an online search. Check the company’s profile and read the feedback page.” We couldn’t agree more to be honest – Classic Holidays has many testimonials and feedback available for anyone to see and thus prove its genuine credibility.

It’s good to be educated and knowledgeable on the shady things that tend to happen, but painting reputable organizations with the same brush is certainly an underhanded tactic. While Classic Holidays continues to prove its merit and genuine commitment with each satisfied customer – haters can just shout without really making a difference!

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