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July 22, 2016
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August 10, 2016
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You must have heard friends and acquaintances say that Classic Holidays is a scam. You must have read unfavorable online feedback as well. So, is Classic Holidays a scam? Classic Holidays have been operating for years and have thousands of members. Many families use their service for their holidays. As any business of their kind, they are under strict regulations to maintain good service for their clientele. Why are there negative write-ups about Classic Holidays then?

They say that Classic Holidays is a scam because the scratch and win card they give out to random people don’t really win you a prize unless they pre-determine that you can win. They claim that there are two sets of cards, one that wins and one that does not. Then if your card wins, the holiday is in a low-class resort that you won’t enjoy. They also say that if you become a member, you can never get out of it no matter what your reasons is. The membership apparently comes with a lot of hidden costs according to claims. On top of the annual fee they charge, members also pay additional fees for each vacation they take. Are these claims enough to dismiss Classic Holidays as a scam then?

Classic Holidays is in the time sharing business. Timeshares is not for everybody. Those who enjoy it are people who have time to take frequent vacations like retirees. The way you can recoup your investment is by taking holidays often. As with any business, Classic Holidays have rules. Members should understand what these rules are before they sign up.   Ask as many questions as possible during the presentation. Find out if what they offer is beneficial for your situation and if their SOP’s are easy for you to abide by. As with any investment, one should not go in blindly. Do your due diligence so that you will get your money’s worth and not end up accusing a legitimate business venture as a scam.

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