Classic Escapes Scratch and Win Offer Real or Fake ?

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July 22, 2016
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July 22, 2016
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Any company who is in the business of selling takes the first step when looking for clients. They usually give out freebies to catch buyers’ attention. The freebie is usually in the form of the product they’re selling. Classic Escapes is in the business of selling holidays and vacation. They approach possible customers by offering them a taste of the holidays they offer. This they do via the Classic Escapes scratch and win promotion.

Promo representatives can be found in the malls or any public places. They look for possible clients and approach them with a scratch and win card. The Classic Escapes scratch and win card can make a lucky person win exciting prizes. The scratch and win card comes at no monetary cost. It’s not entirely free though because in order to play the card, you have to attend a 90-minute presentation. If you want to proceed, you have to pay a fee to guarantee your attendance. This fee is refundable when you show up. After the presentation, you can play your Classic Escapes scratch and win card. There are prizes in the prize pool that they will distribute to lucky winners. There are occasions when they raffle off vacations to any of the resorts they manage. The vacation gives you a taste of what the company offers. Guests who are pleased with their stay most often proceed to sign up for a membership.

The Classic Escapes scratch and win promotion is a means to look for clients. There are negative comments about it though like the promo representatives apparently know which cards are winners and which ones are not. It’s in their discretion then if they want you to win or not. This has been proven untrue by the company. They insist that the Classic Escapes scratch and win cards are not tampered. Another complaint is the 90-minute presentation. They claim that the presentation is too hard sell and that the presenters are bordering on rudeness when presenting. This is hard to dispute because what one perceives as hard-sell or rudeness may be alright with another.

In case you get approached by a Classic Escapes promo representative to play the Classic Escapes scratch and win card, and you have prior knowledge about it, don’t let pre-judgment get in your way. Listen to what they have to say and if you have the time to spare for them, there’s no harm giving them attention.

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