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May 19, 2016
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May 24, 2016
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So you’ve got a Classics Holiday Club scratch and win ticket and you’re super excited. You’re probably standing in the middle of a busy shopping mall and you’ve been drawn in by the glossy advertising and the offer of an exciting free ‘prize’. The sales pitch sounds incredible. You apparently don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this classic escapes scratch and win. You just need to attend a presentation. An hour or so of your time in exchange for a prize at the other end. It all sounds too good to be true. Well, is it?

It’s difficult to know at times whether something that sounds so attractive, and seemingly carries a ‘no strings attached’ disclaimer, is actually a genuinely good deal. You may decide to do a little research online and you google Classic Holidays Club Scratch and Win. What you find may concern you or lead you to believe it’s all just a scam. Alternatively, it could be just a complete waste of your time, that the prize isn’t as good as it’s made out to be.

There seems to be a lot of complaints online directed at classic escapes scratch and win so what do you make of them?

This is what Classic Holiday Club will tell you:

Firstly, you’re not allowed to remove the surface of your scratch and win card and reveal your prize until after you’ve attended the presentation. This presentation could be as long as an hour and a half. Depending on the Classic Holiday Club’s presenter, this could be fairly interesting or incredibly boring. This is probably mildly annoying but still worth the time if you are given a great prize at the other end.  But what you may not know is that the representative of Classic Holiday Club scratch and win have chosen which card to give you from one of two different piles. One pile contains cards that have no winning prize and these are given to certain people, based on the Classic Holiday Club representative’s first impressions of the potential customer.

If you do end up with a classic escapes scratch and win card that has a prize revealed, then you will be disappointed to learn that you are only eligible to claim the prize once you’ve paid an administration fee. It may not be quite what you expected but still, you argue that you are receiving a five-star holiday experience for a very cheap price overall.

However, the online complaints directed towards Classic Holiday Club scratch and win mention the fact that the accommodation and location that is eligible is of a much lower standard than would be expected.  Classics Holiday Club refute this criticism. They state that the accommodation is of a good to excellent standard, equivalent to 3.5 to 4 star rating, and is located at one of their managed resorts. They further remark that these resorts are in popular locations throughout Australia, on or near the beach, and are usually in multi-storeyed apartment style buildings.

It sounds as if the redeemable prize, if you can be bothered going through with the presentation and paying the administration fee, is of a genuine nature.

It would be advisable if you’re considering attending a Classic Holiday Club scratch and win presentation to do your research beforehand. Make sure you know all the details and what is being offered before you commit to signing up.

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Last month Classic holidays offer me a great deal in cheaper price.

Last month I went to sunshine coast I book my holiday via classic holidays. Classic holidays offer me a great deal in cheaper price. I book a 3 nights 2 days package with them. Classic holidays arrange my stay in palm court noosa. It’s a wonderful resort with a fabulous ambience and great facilities. They make sure to better your experience. Although I feel like it could be better but still I am satisfied with their package and offers. I will now look forward for the membership and may refer to my colleagues and friends. You should try at least once.

Love Travelling? Go for Classic escapes

If you love travelling a lot, or you need to get a way on a holiday from work, then classic escapes are the best place to check in. This is because of their generous offer of a one week free holiday, as well as their charging fee are absolutely affordable. Do your booking and you will get a long lasting memories of a great holiday.

In Classic Holidays Lovely And Beautiful Nature.

I love adventure and nature feelings. Classing escapes has interesting forested areas along the shores that I love. The tour guides know everything and very friendly.

I Spent a Time With My Family in Classic Holidays . They Provide You Opportunity To Enjoy Private Villas Where It’s Just You And Your Family.

When going on a holiday, I still like the convenience of home. I prefer having my own space and not share with strangers. I like being able to prepare our meals and not be hostage to whatever is in the restaurant. This is the reason why Classic Holidays work well with my family. They provide you with the opportunity to enjoy private villas where it’s just you and your family. The villas are equipped with fully functioning kitchen and home comforts that you’re used to. Another great thing is the villas are near the beach or swimming pools. You get to enjoy your privacy without being secluded.

This Year I Am Going With My Family For Spent a Long Time in Classic Holidays

My family and I just came from a holiday in Bali. Classic Holidays have been taking care of our vacation for years now and as always, we have a wonderful time. The villa they got for us has three bedrooms, two of which can be joined together which is perfect for our little kids who want to stay in one room. We had our own pool that has a sundeck. We enjoyed the villa so much, we didn’t even consider lounging in the beach. You would think we spent a big amount of money for holiday like this but Classic Holidays got it for us at a good deal.

Also, you then have to make holidays always in the same spot.

Of course people always try to compare time share investments with what you pay when you buy a place. But to be honest, how many places can you buy in a life time? And what about all the other costs associated with owning a place? Also, you then have to make holidays always in the same spot. Na aw, that is not for me. I like variety and the luxury not to be responsible for the place. I just go there, make holidays, enjoy life and then go home. I don’t have to clean up or maintain the place. There are countless destinations to choose from in Australia and NZ but you can also go overseas with DAE. It’s just perfect for people who don’t want to stay in overbooked, pricey hotels. With Classic you know what you get.

Despite all the negative feed back

Despite all the negative feed back I read online, I decided to give Classic Holidays the benefit of the doubt. I was approached in a mall to play scratchies. I scratched 3 cards and my wife scratched 1 and she won. The catch is we had to attend a presentation. I thought, what’s 60 minutes, I can give them that. We paid $50 to guarantee our attendance and they refunded it to us upon showing up. It was a thorough presentation but, truth be told, we cannot afford it. They didn’t give us attitude despite giving them a no.