Classic Escapes Holiday Club Complaints About Their Accommodations?

Is Classic Escapes a Scam
July 20, 2016
Is Classic Escapes a Scam? Read Classic Escapes Review
July 22, 2016
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Classic Escapes Holiday Club Complaints About Their Accommodations?


Classic Escapes have been in the business of providing its members with affordable family holidays in Australia, New Zealand and across the world. They have satisfied many families who rely on them for their holidays.

In any organization, complaints cannot be avoided. There are Classic Escapes holiday club complaints that you can come across. These complaints are usually on the policies and procedures. One common complaint is the points system. Those who are not used to it yet are complaining about it when in fact, according to other members, it is a huge improvement on the old system. If your family is a frequent holiday-goer and you intend to continue the practice for life, what Classic Escapes provide is actually cost-efficient than doing otherwise. Another common Classic Escapes holiday club complaints is the accommodation. There are some members who prefer to return to their favorite holiday spots instead of trying out new ones. In the same way, there are those who have set destinations in mind. They get frustrated when they can’t book said destinations on the dates they prefer. The booking date is another source of complaint. There are members who insist on going on their preferred dates. Classic Escape’s system actually works for those who are open to trying out new destinations and adventures. Schedule your trips early so you can leave on your preferred dates. Another common Classic Escapes Holiday Club complaint is about cancellation. There are members who want to discontinue their membership but they can’t just cancel. Instead of listening to their plight, what they get are legal notices instead. This treatment leaves a bad taste on their mouth.

These common complaints on how Classic Escapes operates can be avoided with communication. If there are new policies in place, they must be communicated to the members clearly. Members, on their part, should ask questions when there are things not clear to them. Know how the system works and you can get your money’s worth.

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