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June 11, 2016
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Who doesn’t want to go on a classic escape to some far off country with stunning beaches, beautiful scenery and amazing resorts offing the very best in entertainment, comfort, culture and dining?

What does the term classic escapes mean to you? Classic escapes to you could mean amazing adventures, secluded beaches, ancient cultures, breathtaking views, lost civilisations, bright lights or even theme parks.

Of course everyone is different and it depends on taste, but traditionally the term classic escapes conjures up images of Bali, Hawaii, Miami and Bahamas. However without the proper research before you book and fly off on your adventure, things could quickly become a classic nightmare.

Holidays are expensive, especially with a family; therefore you want to do everything possible before you hand over any money to make sure you get exactly what you were promised and lured too.

The Internet makes it so much easier for a customer to identify whether you will want to escape from your classic escape.

Feedback is key and it is crazy in this digital age to not take advantage of all the information that is available to us online about places to visit and places to stay. There are many classic escapes review websites available which will give you all kinds of ratings for quality, value for money, resort, customer service, facilities and more which will give you a great place to start in the planning of your classic escape.

Also testimonial sites are a great source of information to hear from people and what their experience was like. Without sourcing feedback customers run the risk of their much-needed classic escapes being a major disappointment.

Gaining feedback and reviews on hotels and resorts and places to visit can mean the difference between money well spent and money down the drain. People love giving feedback, and most booking sites and travel sites will actively encourage guests and customers to leave reviews and feedback so that future customers can feel more informed when booking their next escape.

Classic escapes are not just small simple holidays; they are usually a once in a lifetime or certainly an event that has taken some serious saving and planning. Therefore no one wants to feel duped or that there are hidden costs or worse that their stunning resort is in fact a building site.  Gone are the days when a glossy brochure gives you all the information available. There are so many feedback, testimonial and review websites available that there is no excuse for not doing your homework before committing to a classic escape style holiday.

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