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May 24, 2016
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May 24, 2016
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We’ve all heard the classic holiday complaints people make about the time away being so disappointing. Friends or family can often return from a highly anticipated trip with less than enthusiastic reviews of their time away. What should have been a well-deserved break, some much needed rest and relaxation or the adventure trip of a lifetime is simply a big let-down.

Often, the classic holiday complaints focus on destination but just as equally price and unfulfilled expectations are mitigating factors.

Here are the top five ‘classic holiday complaints’ and how to avoid saying them yourself:

  1. The hotel/motel/accommodation was inferior/poor quality.

Do your research before you book and pay. This includes reading reviews, both on the accommodation provider’s website and independent online reviews, particularly social media. The latter can provide more realistic evaluations from people who have actually stayed there, rather than glowing testimonials from the hotel’s receptionist! A good idea too is to phone the accommodation provider directly and ask specifics questions, such as – “are all the rooms the same?” or “is what I see online a good representation of what I will be staying in?”. If they seem shady, they probably are!

  1. The location wasn’t what I expected

Again, do your research. Check where the accommodation is located and what’s in the immediate vicinity. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet, then next to the local cop shop or an open-all-hours nightclub is probably not the best option. Be mindful of how you plan to get around. You may need to be near transport hubs or arrange for parking for your vehicle. These considerations are important to avoid inconvenience and disappointment.

  1. Plan what you want to do before you go

If you’ve got specific activities in mind or interests that you want to pursue, then it’s vital to make sure you can do them where you’re going. No-one going to visit Paris would reasonably expect to be able to go safari. In less well known places, these types of assumptions need to be confirmed. You need to check all those kinds of details rather than just assuming, otherwise you’ll definitely be verbalizing another classic holiday complaint yourself! Again, ask lots of questions and be specific with the accommodation provider to ensure you will get everything out of your holiday that you’re expecting.

  1. Don’t plan what you want to do before you go

If you’re getting away from a busy job or a stressful period, often the last thing you need is a firm and inflexible schedule. It can be tempting to fully book everything in, but again, this can result in another classic holiday complaint, which is “I’m so exhausted!”. Getting away should be about resetting, if necessary, and thoroughly enjoying the time away. Sometimes having nothing planned allows you to truly relax and experience the holiday at your own pace and in your own time. Don’t be tempted to turn your holiday into just another scheduled event that brings you no joy.

  1. Set your budget and keep to it (within reason)

Who doesn’t like to splurge now and then, but another classic holiday complaint is the credit card bill at the other end. Choose your destination, activities and accommodation levels with a realistic budget in mind. If your holiday is of an international nature, compare the exchange rate, general food and beverage costs, and expected accommodation prices. Again, ask what is included and what are additional extras, so there’s no surprises. Don’t set too tight a budget that you can’t be a little spontaneous if the mood strikes, and be mindful of unexpected contingencies. But also be realistic about what you can and can’t afford – you may want to check exactly what that vase from the Ming Dynasty might actually cost to get shipped home, not to mention the insurance cost once you’re back! Nothing bursts a post-holiday glow by the arrival of a heavy weight credit card bill.

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Biggest Company

Now most of the people would not have any kind of idea about who are Classic Escapes. You heard it, people. Classic Escapes is one of the well-authenticated club management companies which own private resorts in Australia. It was established in the year, 1978. They handle nearly 4000 different resorts, hotels, cruises for their own emerging member base whom are about 65,000 individuals. As a matter of fact they also offer a suite of lifestyle products, services and travel benefits for our members. Their products for our family would be Classic Investments, IYC Travel and much more.

I Understand The Classic's Prices And His Facilites.

I loved the water in the Coral coasts hotels. The Swimming pools were very clean and spacious. The prices are too affordable. Thanks classic.

I Thought I Would Have a Hard Time For My Young Children Entertainment But They Did't Bored,Not One Bit During The Entire Trip

Just got back from an amazing cruise with the entire family. I thought I would have a hard time keeping my young kids entertained but they didn’t get bored, not one bit during the entire trip. We all enjoyed the sights and the amenities in the ship. The food on board is delicious too even for my finicky eaters. I know I can always count on Classic Holidays when it comes to vacation planning. They really know the tricks of the trade – from what to do, when to do it up to how to save. Investing in Classic Holidays is really a wise decision.

I Thought They Have if Their Members Aren’t Happy With Them So I asked around from friends and family who are Actual Time Share Owners.

Before signing up with Classic Holidays, I went online and saw a lot of negative feedback about it. It’s hard not to get dissuaded but then I thought, the company wouldn’t last in the business for as long as they have if their members aren’t happy with them. So I asked around from friends and family who are actual time share owners. They are happy with their membership for it serves them well. The key is you have to be a regular holiday goer in order to benefit from time shares. I went ahead and signed up with Classic Holidays and have been enjoying vacation with my family.

Thank you Classic Holidays for the opportunity

Thank you Classic Holidays for the opportunity of vacationing in the Gold Coast. The wonderful time we had there and the amazing accommodation you afforded us made it worth the time we sat through your 60-minute presentation. We cannot afford to get a membership at this time due to financial consideration but it’s something we might consider saving up for. Just the same, thank you for understanding why we’re saying no at this time. Next time I see you guys in the small, I hope to win again in your scratch cards.