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August 10, 2016
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August 10, 2016
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3Owning a timeshare doesn’t have to mean holidaying in the same resort year after year. Timeshare exchange has been developed as a way to pool weeks owned by timeshare members all over the world, to create a global exchange with fellow owners. Exchange companies make it possible to deposit the week you own and use it to book another week in a different destination for any date that’s available within that exchange network.

Over the years, complicated trading rules, rising costs and a lack of personalized service contributed to giving timeshare exchange a bad name. However new worldwide exchange companies, such as DAE, came on the scene with a fresh approach to exchange, putting members’ needs first and providing a simple, easy to use exchange platform. Now the world’s leading privately owned global timeshare exchange provider, Classic Holidays members are able to access DAE membership for free, opening up a world of travel opportunities and ensuring they get the most value out of their timeshare investment.

There are a lot of myths about the pros and cons of timeshare exchange, so here are the top 10 facts you need to know:

  1. Through timeshare exchange, Classic Holidays club members have access to over 4,000 resorts and hotels worldwide, with the flexibility to choose when, where and how often they travel.
  1. It is affordable. It’s not only free to join leading timeshare exchange companies such as DAE, but there are no compulsory annual fees and you only pay one low exchange fee when the holiday of your choice is booked.
  1. There is no pressure to take your holiday this year, with 3 years to bank and save your entitlement credit with DAE to use when it suits you.You do not have to travel within 3 years, but simply book before the expiry date for a travel time that suits you.
  1. If a resort is not up to standard, it won’t go in the system. This assures members that no matter where they go, they will only receive the same standard of quality of accommodation that is expected at a managed resort.
  1. If you’re a traditional timeshare owner, you can easily bank your vacation week straight into the exchange pool. Holiday Club members who wish to use their points or credits can contact DAE, and advise them that you would like to bank a week into your account.
  1. If you see a great deal or a holiday you wish to take, you can place it on hold for 24 hours, with no obligations, while you make necessary travel arrangements.
  1. With a membership to DAE, there are no Guest Certificate fees. If you can’t get time off to take your entitled holiday, you can gift your week or credit to family or friends,at no additional cost.
  1. Some exchange companies like DAE have their own in house travel agencies to take care of all the details from airfares to hire cars, travel insurance and attractions.
  1. If you want to use your timeshare membership to travel more regularly, you can. Last minute, heavily discounted bonus weeks often become available within 60 days of check in and offered to members at exceptional value for money. Simply pay the Bonus Fee price without needing to deposit a week on exchange and you will be off on a spontaneous adventure.
  1. If you desire a holiday in a certain destination outside the specific dates that are available, you can request it. More than 50% of exchanges fulfilled by DAE are requested first.